North Sydney hairdressers top tips to maintaining hair colour

Are you losing the vibrancy of your colour? Is your fading colour a constant drain on your pocket? The colour experts at North Sydney Hairdressers, West St Salon offer the following advice to extend the life of your colour treatment.

TIP 1: Avoid shampooing as this makes your colour fade. Shampoo opens your cuticle then the colour molecules wash away. Try only using conditioner instead.

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Top tips for managing fine hair

NORTH SYDNEY HAIRDRESSERS: Top Tips for Managing Fine Hair

We know, you can’t do a thing with it. Your fine hair just sticks to your head, hanging limp like overcooked spaghetti or all wispy and fly-away. Time to try the following tips from our expert stylists, you’ll get great results.

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Dry shampoo – never leave home without it

We all know that dry shampoo has been around for years. It was developed well before what we now know as everyday shampoo, when running water wasn’t plumbed into your home and available with a quick flick of a faucet. Back in the day, if you couldn’t afford dry shampoo you reached for baby powder instead.    

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