North Sydney Hairdressers: tips for managing long hair

Most women love the thought of long hair, but there is no denying it, long hair does need to be cared for properly. So if you want to enjoy your long locks, here are some easy tips to take the hassle out of managing your long hair.

TIP 1: When you wake up you may notice that your hair is tangled and dishevelled – yes we all have it – bed hair!

Before trying to put a brush or comb through your hair, try to untangle it with your fingers first.

TIP 2: Only use a wooden brush with soft bristles on your hair as this will avoid breakage. When brushing your hair, try dividing your hair into a couple of sections.

TIP 3: Comb from the ends first, then up to mid lengths, then up to the roots as this helps get the knots out easily.

TIP 4: Another great tip is to leave a wide tooth comb in your shower and use this when you have conditioner in your hair.

TIP 5: If you are trying to grow your hair make sure you have it trimmed regularly, about every 4-8 weeks. Trimming a little will keep the split ends at bay.

TIP 6: When tying your hair up in a ponytail, always make sure the band is not too tight, because when it rubs against the hair this can cause breakage. Of course, never use an elastic band.

TIP 7: Try platting your hair before you sleep. This will eliminate knotting.

TIP 8: Also make sure you use a deep conditioning treatment at least once a week as this helps maintain moisture. Healthy hair will always grow faster.

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