Three tips to get that beach hair look

Want to get that sexy, natural wave? Looking to create volume in your hair?

So you don’t have hours to spend blow drying, primping, fussing and you’d love volume; wave and have that natural beachy not over styled look.

We have your how to guide right here, suitable for all hair types and no blow drying required.

Tip 1:

Start with a quality Texture Spray. No need for hairspray. We advise you to use Shu Uemura Texture Wave. Spraying from the roots thru to the mid lengths (not ends) this will create lots of volume. Hairspray just holds the hair in place, where as texture spray turns flat fly away hair into big hair. If you like the way your hair behaves after a couple of days without shampooing, then texture wave is the product for you.

Tip 2:

Essential to add a Salt Spray. We recommend using R+Co, Rockaway Salt Spray. It’s a great product to get that sexy beach look. The salt will absorb the natural oils in your hair. Rockaway is the closest you’ll get to looking like you’ve been at the beach. It gives your hair a dry wave and curl without that crunchy wet look. To get the natural, messy look, just let your hair dry naturally and when 95% dry, use the spray globally then scrunch. Blasting with the blow dryer is optional. If you are after volume with smooth bouncy ends blow dry with round brush.

Tip 3:

Use a Volume Maker. If you want really big hair as part of your “beachy” look and create even more volume use Shu Uemura Volume Maker. It’s a powder that creates a matt dusty feeling, giving you volume and texture. Use Volume Maker after your blow dry. Shu Uemera is very user friendly as it has an inbuilt applicator brush. Also great to use in between washes as this eliminates the natural oils.

If you’ve any questions about how to get the “beachy” look we would love to hear from you. Just give our team a call. We are passionate, friendly and love to help our clients.

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